Lead Xamarin Developer

Kharkiv, Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine · APiJET · 30 August, 2019


The project is a unique tool used by airlines to find more efficient flight routes in real time – like car navigation, but for aircraft.

Our project is a part of the three-part system that provides real-time data and real-time analytics to commercial aircraft. Some of the analytics is done on the ground and some is done on a server onboard the aircraft. It will also include the ability to view the weather, air hazards, turbulence, air traffic, imprecise locations, and altitudes. It is a tool that allows pilots to input preferences sent to the server for analytics and to view the results.

Our client is a US-based company that continues the tradition of changing the shape of commercial aviation by delivering real cost savings and efficiencies to the global aircraft market.

Commercial aviation is a very price-sensitive market. A price advantage of only $2 wins the client, so every company is trying to optimize their costs to stay price-competitive. Our solution offers up to 1.5% cost savings for aviation companies. Recently, we have been building a pilot project that has received spectacular feedback from industry leaders.



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