Junior PHP Developer

Kharkiv, Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine · SC (DMB) · 2 September, 2019


If you're a PHP developer looking for your first job, here’s your opportunity to get started.

You’ll be involved in an exciting project. We’re sure you’ve been into quick-service restaurants (QSR) such as McDonald's and Burger King. You’ve seen how much is displayed on big screens. One of the most noticeable features is the digital menu board (DMB). This is a set of screens installed above the cashiers’ heads and shows the whole menu and other information.

We can offer you a unique opportunity to work with one of the major QSR brands to develop the contents of such DMBs. The content there is modified quite often - all promotions and national events need to be reflected there. The configuration of the screens (the size and number of them) varies from one location to another. Some content contains animations, video that must be synced across several monitors and other interesting and unique tasks.

This is challenging work. You will learn how to work on converting a graphical designer's vision into a tool seen by millions of people across tens of countries.

You will become a part of an international team that develops content for these menu boards, as well as other features.


As a member of a team on this project, you will:


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