Intermediate Full Stack Developer (XMM - Enterprise)

Kharkiv, Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine · XL · 11 February, 2019


Our client is a product company and a major player in the Point Of Sale (POS) domain, and has already released several POS-platforms, Back of House management systems, data management systems and a set of web applications (designed to create corporate websites), widely used in the USA by quick service restaurants (QSR). One of the critical business applications is to be able to analyze the sales and labor data for a particular date or period. It helps store owners to monitor the success of their business and react to any store-related issues using alerts. Reports and key stats show sales information on regular business, so users can adjust and make corrections to their business to get better results. It is the kind of project that every dealer is striving to get in their hands for SMB, as well as for Enterprise clients.

On this part of the project, we are developing a statistic reporting and monitoring app that allows dealers to easily review key stats, reports and set alerts for the items they are interested in. It not only allows the merchant to remotely monitor vital indicators of his store’s business (such as sales, discounts, refunds, and labor data) in real time, but also allows remote management and prevents thefts or unauthorized transactions while the merchant is away from the store. Together with a mobile app, which is in use by dealers, there is an Admin web app intended to set and configure custom settings for each particular client and store (thresholds for notifications, types of key statistics to be displayed in real time, etc.).



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