Intermediate/Senior Ruby Developer

Kharkiv, Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine · SL · 11 June, 2019


The product is a sales engagement online platform for efficient and revenue-boosting sales. It provides sales teams with enhanced capabilities for communication, while also integrating email tracking, sales calls, meetings intelligence, and workflow automation tools in a single platform.

Our team is working on various projects within this product: meetings, snippets, Outlook, Gmail add-ins, and internal administration tools.

We’re focused on fast, high-quality deliverables, as we have to deal with thousands of real customers. The product is moving forward with the microservices approach and continuous delivery strategy. As for the technologies, we used to run our app on AngularJS, but now React is the company’s choice for the frontend, so all new features we're working on are required to be in React. Our backend is powered by Ruby and Elixir.


We are looking for a person who is eager to work in a friendly team of professionals and learn a lot of cool stuff both from the technical and process perspective.

Would you be a good fit? Definitely yes, if you're looking for challenges, ready to undertake responsibilities and like making good things even better.

You will be part of a highly-skilled team, and will be responsible for:


Required skills

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